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Welcome to Xtreem Parrotlets Located in Tampa, Florida.

The team at Xtreem parrotlets are committed to advanced parrotlet breeding techniques. We are in fact, breeders of some of the rarest parrotlets in the world. We also feel that breeding parrotlets in sunny Tampa, FL offers the perfect climate for these birds.

The Advantages of Purchasing From Xtreem Parrotlets Breeders

Xtreem parrotlets often works closely with European and Asian breeders to maintain our status of rare parrotlet breeders in the United States. These collaborations combined with the response of all our long-time satisfied clients and customers throughout the U.S. and around the World have given birth to our new second aviary. We are proud new announce our second location in the european country of Belgium. Now european breeders can easily buy our world famous line of turquoise parrotlets. As seen on major news network like Fox news we have officially gone worldwide.

About Our Aviary

Our year round climate controlled aviary has been professionally built to ensure a clean flow of fresh air. Also, our aviary includes a state of the art fresh water delivery system along with maximum lighting to effect the proper health and well being of the birds.

Buy Parrotlets From Us Throughout The United States & World Wide

We have been exporting and selling parrotlets to our clients in the UK as well as Dubai, Jordan, Thailand and many other countries around the world.  We also carry a full line of baby parrotlets as well. If you’re looking to buy a parrotlet, we would love the opportunity to sell parrotlets to you.

Advanced Avian Veterinarian Care To Ensure Parrotlets Health Care Standards

Xtreem Parrotlets employs the service of top Tampa Bay, FL avian veterinarian Susan Sattler, D.V.M., Dipl. ABVP-Avian. , who examines and treats any bird that we feel may be compromised in health and behavior patterns. This assures the overall health of the entire flock at both of our aviaries. We only sell Parrotlets who are healthy! We are one of the top Parrotlet Breeders in the world.

Dominant and Recessive Pied Parrotlets For Sale

The dominant pied parrotlet has genes which in breeding will produce more pied variations. The recessive pied gene will allow different color variations from dominant gene parrotlets. We have dominant and recessive gene birds for sale.

Fallow Gene Parrotlets

The fallow parrotlets genes are used for manipulating the color of the eye pigment from dark to red and also manipulates the actual color of the birds color value in its plumage, thus giving you a fallow mutation.

Dilute Turquoise Parrotlets and Their Beautiful Plumage

The dilute turquoise parrotlet is comprised of a turquoise, yellow and blue gene which in turn gives you a beautiful turquoise yellow plumage as the blue gene remains hidden within.

Color Mutations and Genetics of Parrotlets

Traditionally you have your European pastel parrotlets and you have your American pastels. Today’s new trends in pastel parrotlet breeding allow for many more colors to be included under the pastel mutations. The research and development team at Xtreem Parrotlets has genetically formulated a new genetic pathway using the pastel in its genetic formula and will be ready for its unveiling to shock and awe the parrotlet world in approximately 2 years. Please check with us periodically and stay tuned!

Spectacled Parrotlets

Both male and female spectacled parrotlets have pink beaks and legs. Males have stunning violet-blue wings and backs. The name is given due to the rumps and rings around their eyes giving them the appearance that they’re wearing spectacles. It’s important to point out we never cross-breed the spectacled parrotlets with any other breed of parrotlet to preserve the integrity of the species.

Rarest Parrotlets Only Found At Xtreem Parrotlets – Top Parrotlet Breeder

Our newest mutation of rare parrotlets is the Cobalt Cinnamon Fallow Pied Misty. The appearance of this bird from the front is bright white with red eyes and the back is dark cinnamon with bright white pied markings on the head. This is our newest mutation today.

As you browse through our site you’ll find many rare mutations only found here at Xtreem Parrotlets. We are confident when searching through our site that you will find our parrotlets for sale are simply the best you can find anywhere in the world. When you buy parrotlets from us we guarantee you will absolutely fall in love them!

Thank You

We like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for their mark of excellence and dedication for their time and devotion to making Xtreem Parrotlets what it is today. We also like to give a big thanks to all of our loyal and satisfied customers who without them our Parrotlets would not be possible.

Peace out!
Billy and Diana

Parrotlet Breeders: White Fallow Turquoise Pied Parrotlets

White Fallow Creamino Parrotlets

Parrotlet Breeders: Cobalt Cinnamon Fallow Pied Misty

Cobalt Cinnamon Fallow Pied Misty

Parrotlet Breeders: Turquoise Fallow Parrotlet

Turquoise Fallow

Parrotlet Breeders: White Fallow Turquiose Pied Male Parrotlets

Asian Turquoise Pied Fallow – Female


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