About Xtreem Parrotlets

about-usWelcome to Xtreem Parrotlets!


Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Billy and Diana – parrotlet breeders. We posted our picture because we feel it is important to put a face to the voice of the people you are making a parrotlet purchase from. We have been breeding parrotlets for 14 years. All of our breeder stock are 2nd, 3rd and 5th generation plets. We have taken our breeding techniques and methods to the xtreem. Our parrotlets are years in the making and genetically fit so we can present to you the finest of quality and health as well as rare and exciting parrotlet mutations.

I would like to take a moment now to thank the team at Xtreem Parrotlets. A big thanks to Dr. Susan statler, dvm., dipl., abvp, avian. Dr. Statler oversees the health of our flock. To my brother rich who gave us our 1st plet which escalated us to where we are now. To my personal friend a big thanks to my long-time friend and Xtreem Parrotlets webmaster John Garofano owner at Native Marketing.  A big thanks to Diana my wife and Best friend, who encouraged me through the years when I was ready to give up on the plets. She took on the responsibility of the flock and kept it all going by herself. Thanks again.


And most of all the biggest thanks goes to you! To all of our satisfied clients around the country, without all of our clients Xtreem Parrotlets would not be possible. If you are reading this, seriously consider allowing us to serve you with best. You deserve it. Thanks for your time. Enjoy the site!!! Peace out! – Xtreem Parrotlets





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