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Xtreem Parrotlets would like to discuss the many baby parrotlets for sale that we have available. Let us now give you some insight on how we handle the babies. We leave the babies in the nest box with the parents for at least 10 to 12 days. This will assure a good healthy baby for no one could feed the baby Parrotlets as well as the parents. The parents have certain nutrients within their bodies that allow the babies to grow faster, larger, stronger and healthier than the hand feeding by humans. We then pull them from the nest box and place them in a nested container large enough to hold the entire clutch and place the container on a heating pad.

Then the process of hand feeding begins, we used two methods of hand feeding. Spoon feeding which we feel is the best method that we use that allows several babies to feed at one time. As you can see in one of our videos, they freely stand up and eat until they are totally full and boy today get full. Then we cleaned them up and put them back in a heated container which is lined with fresh nesting twice-daily. For the babies that for whatever reason do not like to be fed by the spoon, we use the eyedropper. The eyedropper method serves us well. We do not crop feed and we do not use syringes. After about three weeks we add spray Millet into their container, at that time they have no idea what it is after about a week one of the babies will start nibbling on the Millet and realize that it is food and the others will soon follow his lead. At that time they are eating Millet and being hand fed. After about two weeks of hand feeding and Millet, they start shying away from the hand feeding and want to eat more and more Millet. At that time we will add small amounts of our adult food combined with Millet and we add in a small bowl of water. Before you know it most of them do not want to be hand fed and but we keep an eagle eye on them during this transition to make sure that they are eating enough food. If we spot a baby not quite eating enough food we will supplement him with more hand feeding until he is ready. By this time the babies are totally feathered up. All our baby parrotlets are kept in a climate controlled area, just as all our parrotlets are.

Now that they are eating on their own the next step comes. They graduate from their container to a cage. To the babies, this is a huge step. They have never been in a cage before they have never perched before or played with the toy or for that matter even climb. After a few days, they start spreading out and getting used to the new surroundings and they see and hear other parrotlets. As you know they are very inquisitive and need to get into everything especially when it’s new. They discover their toys their swings many perches and by now they are flapping their wings. At this time we join them together with other clutches of the same age and put them in a much larger cage. This cage is full of toys and many perches lots of food water and Millet. This allows them to take to flight to exercise their wings. And start playing with each other and become socialized. They become a bit larger, much stronger and their motor skills are now coming into play.

We have great success with this method. The baby Parrotlets are now toddlers. They constantly play and eat and mess around, it’s really cool to watch. And they are so cute. They have discovered they could fly and they quickly make friends with the several other birds that are in the same cage. There Is plenty of room and no overcrowding. Is fun to watch them play with all the toys. When we feed and water them they come up to the cage door and want to play. By this time they are about 4/5 months old. We even have some that are 6/7 months old and they do fine. We will not sell any of our birds until they are at least four months old so that our clients are assured of a healthy robust and well-adjusted pet. Now one-hour young birds are shipped out to clients great care is taken in the shipping process we have wooden crates a perch in them if it’s cold out in the winter months we get a small blanket and wrap it would hand warmers. The hand warmers heat up for 10 hours and keep the bird nice and toasty warm and he also has a Kodaly blanket to snuggle with we also add two or three days of XtreemParrotlets exclusive pet food which will soon be available to all who are interested in purchasing some. Also, we add in fresh watermelon to keep the bird hydrated and not thirsty and it prevents it from spilling like water.

After our clients search out Xtreemparrotlets website and find the type of Parrotlet they are looking to purchase, if we don’t have the one you want in stock we can put you on our waiting list. Most of the time we have them available. If you are a serious buyer we will send you pictures of the exact bird that you would be purchasing. If you like what you see then we proceed from there. We will tell you how we receive payment, the cost of shipping and the cost of the Parrotlet. We will make all shipping arrangements we use united airlines pet safe. We find united airlines to be the least expensive, plus they are climate controlled. Xtreem Parrotlets will ship your Parrotlet out on the day of your choosing and convenience to the closest airport to your home. We ship our parrotlets in Custom-made for birds, solid wood bird creates which is strong and sturdy and safe. They are also approved by United Airlines as well as Delta Air Lines. We do not mail our parrotlets by post office or UPS. For all those who are interested in our baby parrotlets for sale, you can click on our testimonial page and view a short video of one of our five-month-old turquoise parrotlets that after two months from the purchase is talking. And you can also view the rest of our testimonials from our satisfied clients who have purchased our baby parrotlets. Thank you all for your time hope to hear from you. Xtreem Parrotlets.

*Please note we only sell baby Parrotlets by request and availability
**Pricing for babies are the same as adult

Baby Parrotlets for SaleBaby Turquoise Pied Parrotlet Still Spoon Feeding Not Yet Weaned

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Baby Pied ParrotletsBaby Turquoise Pied 3 Weeks After Spoon Feeding

Baby Turquoise Pied From Large Group After 3 Weeks of Spoon Feeding