Have you been thinking of buying a bird for a pet? 

Have you been recommended parrotlets but aren’t sure what they are or how to take care of them? 

If so, this comprehensive guide is for you. 

In this guide, we will give you a run down of the variety of parrotlet for sale, where you can buy them, and how to take care of these awesome birds. 

What exactly is a parrotlet? 

  • Parrotlets are the smallest birds in the parrot family. They only grow to be about 5 inches tall making them the cutest bird companion there is. 
  • Parrotlets are native to Central and South America. 
  • Parrotlets can learn to mimic speech and talk. 

Why should I choose Xtreem Parrotlets? 

Here at Xtreem Parrotlets we have a variety of parrotlet for sale. We have been breeding parrotlets for seventeen years and we absolutely adore these little birds.

We are dedicated to matching you with a bird that will fit your interests. Furthermore, we ship to many countries around the world so don’t be discouraged if you’re not in the Tampa Bay area. 

We breed Parrotlets by design and most of our Parrotlets have pedigree bloodlines and genetics that are top of the line. 

We have one of the best avian veterinarians in Tampa, Susan Sattler, who attends to our birds and keeps them in the best health possible. This ensures the bird that is delivered to you is happy and healthy. 

What variety of parrotlets for sale are there? 

Our most popular bird here at Xtreem Parrotlets is our turquoise pied parrotlet

We can’t seem to breed these beautiful birds fast enough. 

The birds get their turquoise color because they have an incomplete blue color gene. This incomplete gene was bred specifically for us to have beautiful birds in all shades of turquoise. 

We also have a variety of American parrotlets for sale. American parrotlets come in blue, white, green, yellow, and turquoise. These birds are bred together to get different colors. 

For instance, if you breed a yellow and blue parrotlet, you will get a green parrotlet. 

We also have baby parrotlets for sale here at Xtreem Parrotlets. 

You can be assured that we take care of our birds from the second they are born and make sure they are well adjusted and before we sell them to you.

We do not sell any parrotlet until it is at least four months old. We socialize the baby parrotlets in cages with other birds until it is time for them to leave us.  

We also offer pastel parrotlets that come in beautiful pale versions of all your favorite colors. 

Do parrotlets make good pets? 

Parrotlets make fantastic pets because they’re both small and playful. 

Parrotlets are generally very friendly but can get territorial with anything entering their cages. 

Parrotlets enjoy daily interaction with their owners so be prepared to have some fun parrotlet conversations. 

If you have cats, you may need to separate your cat and your new parrotlet until you’re sure how your cat will react.

Cats are natural hunters and small birds are their natural prey. For this reason, it might be best to keep your parrotlet in a cage high above the ground or in a room where your cat can’t get to it.

That being said, you know your cat better than anyone. Some cats are more laid-back by nature and wouldn’t hurt a parrotlet. Just exhibit caution when mixing cats and birds. 

If your parrotlet has been scratched or bitten by a cat, be sure to take it to a veterinarian immediately before any infection spreads. 

How should I care for my parrotlet? 

So you’ve chosen a parrotlet, ordered it from our website, and now you have it home in a cage and it’s staring straight at you. 

You realize you don’t know exactly how to care for your new bird. But don’t worry, we’re here to give you some parrotlet care tips.

  • Be sure to pick out a spacious cage. As we’ve mentioned before, parrotlets are very upbeat animals and will want plenty of room to flap their wings and play when they’re in their cages. 
  • Choose a room for your cage where your parrotlet can see the outside world. Your parrotlet enjoys sunshine and warmth as much as you do so don’t shut it in a back room. 
  • Look into buying your parrotlet some bird toys. Remember that parrotlets are small and their toys should be also. Buy your parrotlet a variety of toys so they don’t get bored in their cages all day. They need mental stimulation as much as any other animal.
  • Keep their cages clean! Your parrotlet can’t do their own chores like your child can. Make sure to keep cages clean daily. A clean cage equals a healthy and happy parrotlet.
  • Include chewable items in your bird’s cage. Parrotlets love to keep their mind and beak busy with chewing. 
  • Generally, birds enjoy bathing! You can bath your parrotlet in a small dish of water or mist it down with a water bottle. You will learn quickly which method your parrotlet prefers. Bathing also keeps your parrotlet from making your home smell bad. 
  • When it comes to food, we recommend you purchase our parrotlet food blend. We have been working with these birds for nearly 20 years and we have come up with a food blend that has exactly what your bird needs to stay healthy. 

Find your dream bird today…

We hope this article convinced you to add a parrotlet to your lifestyle. We truly believe these birds are magical and that they can bring joy to anyone’s life.

Remember that we have a large variety of parrotlet for sale, and we can custom breed them to your specifications. 

Check out our variety of parrotlet for sale here

Be aware that parrotlets require love and care just like any pet. Please don’t think you can simply throw food in a cage once a day and the bird will be happy. 

If you’re willing to give a parrotlet the love and affection it deserves, please contact us for more information. 

We would love to match you with your dream bird! 

Many people are bird fanatics and love watching or interacting with the beautiful species. Some people wish they could have one in their home but are concerned about the potential noise levels a bird might bring.

Maybe you’re a huge fan of parrots but struggle with their constant talking and noise pollution. Maybe you’re concerned that a bird will just be too big and take up too much space.

If you are dying to make a bird your in-home pet but are concerned about various complications that accompany it, there is good news for you: Parrotlets exist. Having a bird can even make you happier.

When choosing a bird, consider the Parrotlet. These tiny parrots just might be the right bird for you.

Here’s why:

1. Personality

These birds are not for the birds. They are sometimes feisty but mostly affectionate. They develop very strong connections with their companions. They like being around people so if you’re heading on vacation make sure you get a sitter.

These birds have big personalities. You’ll know when your Parrotlet is extremely happy and it’ll also let you know when it’s upset. But don’t be put off by their upset moments. The Parrotlets for sale are one of the few birds that will snuggle with you!

The Parrotlet will require attention from you and regular feeding, but it mostly just wants to know you are present. If you’re in eye-sight, the Parrotlet is complacent. This bird has a lot of love to offer any potential bird owner.

The more you understand your bird, the more you’ll know exactly how to treat them.

2. Size

The Parrotlets for sale these days are around 10 inches in length. They aren’t large birds, therefore they don’t require massive cages that take up a lot of space in a room.

Have a small apartment or house? Then this bird may literally be the perfect fit. While Senegal Parrots are medium-sized to small, the Parrotlet is even smaller. These birds are small enough that they can be handled with ease.

If you have children, the size can be perfect for them as a beginner bird. You can train them and keep them well-tamed. Their little fingers and beaks can be fun to explore as they allow you to hold them.

3. Noise

Parrotlets are not loud birds, especially when compared to your average Parrot. They aren’t loud talkers and don’t “squawk”. They make pleasant little chirping sounds.

Their noise levels are considered very low compared to most birds. Most Parrotlets for sale do not make irritating cage rattling noises and other sounds. The birds can be most vocal in the morning however, so adjust accordingly if you like to sleep in.

If you go out for awhile and come back, your Parrotlet is sure to greet you with a polite chirp and a little chatter to welcome you. In general, the birds stay fairly quiet during the day.

4. Engaged

The Parrotlets for sale need to be engaged. If you’re looking for a bird who just sits on a branch in a cage and doesn’t need any interaction, then this bird isn’t for you.

The Parrotlet likes to be entertained. They are smart birds and learn very quickly. Training will provide a sense of structure for your bird and also allow it to feel secure. Your bird will stay calm and relaxed when it know its routine.

Parrotlets want to engage with you on a regular basis. They will happily engage with another Parrotlet as well, but you may run the risk of the two teaming up together and ignoring you.

Engage your Parrotlet and teach him things like “step-up” or “kiss”. Your bird can learn to interact with you and also follow commands. This is an exciting part of having a Parrotlet, as many birds won’t interact with their owners whatsoever.

The Parrotlets for sale are full of energy and do need activities to keep busy. Place enrichment toys in their cages for when you aren’t around. Also consider chew toys for the birds as they love to use their beaks for their primary purpose.

Perches in abundance for your Parrotlet are also a good thing. Usually these small birds like to sleep in a routine spot, but feel free to keep things interesting for them by giving them new possibilities. When your bird gets bored, it can become frustrated, loud, and anxious.

5. Bond Forming

Through training and engagement with your Parrotlet, you will form a close bond. Encourage each member of your household to form a bond with your bird so they can each handle the bird individually when they choose to do so.

If the Parrotlet feels like a stranger is reaching in for them, they might become extremely anxious and may even peck at you. These birds can be equally loving to all members of the household if they spend some time with it.

6. Healthy Birds

These birds are hardy and healthy birds. It is rare that they succumb to illnesses. With proper care and a consistently clean house, you’ll rarely, if ever, have to take your pet to the vet. This will save you time and money in the long-run.

These birds are truly low-maintenace in terms of health. With fresh food, water, and a comfy home they should be good to go for many years. The only high-maintenance aspect of the Parrotlets for sale is their need for stimulation on a regular basis.

Are you Ready to Check Out Parrotlets for Sale?

These magnificent, beautiful birds can be a great companion to any bird lover. They form a close bond to their owners and they stay generally healthy. They aren’t extremely loud like other birds and they wish to interact with you.

These beautiful Parrotlets are small and won’t be obtrusive in your space. Parrotlets also have a wonderful personality. They want to be loved and love you in return.

When you’re ready for the perfect little Parrotlet, come check out our Parrotlets for sale.