Creamino Parrotlets For Sale

 Breeding The Creamino Parrotlet

For the parrotlet breeders, Creamino Parrotlets are relatively new mutation of Parrotlet. We at Xtreem Parrotlets have been breeding the Creamino Parrotlets for the past 5 years. We have at least 10 pairs breeding at this time. It’s an 18 month to 2 year process to acquire this bird.

 The Ino Gene Mutation

At this time we would like to discuss the ino gene creamino which involves a white albino parrotlet and yellow lutino parrotlet which both of these birds display red eyes and cannot be paired together, a third bird must be used in order to develop a split and possess the ino gene and has to be brought back to an unrelated white albino.

 Pure White Fallow Mutation

The offspring from this breeding is your first generation, this process can take several clutches to produce the Creamino Parrotlet. They are not present in all clutches which makes these Parrotlets unique. They are bright white with different shades of yellow on face, back, flight feathers and sometimes their chest. At this point Xtreem Parrotlets also has the Pure White Fallow Creamino. In which this process of Creamino breeding is similar to the ino breeding. A pure White Fallow is used rather than the Albino. All the steps in acquiring this bird are the same. This process will also take 18 months to 2 years to accomplish. We also have double factor Creamino’s. Both the Pure White Fallow Creamino and the Albino Creamino are very hard to distinguish from one another. They are practically identical. We at Xtreem Parrotlets have pied Creamino Parrotlets which are the same as the Creamino but you will be able to visibly see the pied characteristics and markings.

Xtreem Parrotlet breeders of the Creamino Parrotlet think that the Creamino is a beautiful addition to a hobby breeder to the advanced breeder or even the pet lover. For the pet lover this bird is a beautiful conversation bird. Creamino Parrotlets can talk, be taught to perform tricks and make great cuddly pets. As for the breeders it can be an awesome challenge to create this unique bird.

Creamino Parrotlets For Sale

Xtreem Parrotlets, parrotlet breeders of the Creamino Parrotlet have this bird available for sale.

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Creamino ParrotletsCreamino

Creamino Parrotlet MutationCreamino

Creamino ParrotletsCreamino

Creamino Parrotlets For SaleCreamino & Dark-Eyed Split Creamino