Dilute Turquoise Parrotlets For Sale

What Are Dilute Turquoise Parrotlets?

The dilute turquoise parrotlets only come about when a Blue Turquoise  parrotlet and American Yellow parrotlet female mate. The offspring of this paring will produce an occasional American Yellow Split to Turquoise  parrotlet. This offspring must be female and when old enough to breed, must be paired with an American White Male. Thus producing the Dilute Turquoise. This is why they are so rarely seen in nature and are most commonly found in captivity.

The dilute turquoise has come a long way in the past 15 years. The correct name for the dilute turquoise Parrotlet is the white turquoise Parrotlet. Various groups and organizations and some breeders have downgraded the name of such a beautiful bird. Xtreem parrotlets prefer the correct name of white turquoise Parrotlet what do to the Parrotlet community and their belief that it should be downgraded to dilute turquoise for the sake of our clients we will refer the bird to dilute turquoise. The dilute turquoise has come far in its breeding. We will now discuss the different shades of the dilute. Xtreem has discovered the genetic breakdown and the genetic snapping when this bird is mating. You will notice most dilute turquoise or yellow and white. And some are seafoam green, the three main genes that this bird or yellow turquoise and blue. When the female is fertilized the turquoise gene can snap that will give you your seafoam green color or shade, the seafoam green name of the dilute turquoise was given by yours truly Billy XTREEM. Some of the breeders around the world that we sometimes export our parrotlets to may not agree with the name that I have given this beautiful mutation. But the fact of the matter is I do my homework in color and the meaning of color and the origin of color and how color was made in the sub colors play a role in why I name this dilute Parrotlet seafoam green. The fact is the color is seafoam green and the name has caught on well throughout the United States and also in some of the countries we export our parrotlets to. The other color in the dilute turquoise is yellow sometimes washed with white. This is caused by the yellow gene snapping and you will get a yellow dilute turquoise. This is a very unique Parrotlet whether you have a yellow dilute turquoise or a seafoam green turquoise they both have the capability of giving you both colors in the same clutch. Once in a great while the blue gene which remains dormant, can snap and what you will get is a dilute blue or white with no yellow or seafoam green color in the plumage. It’s truly an amazing Parrotlet.

Breeding The Dilute Turquoise Parrotlet

The dilute turquoise is a fantastic Parrotlet to breed. You can pair it with most any other Parrotlet color mutation. We have made some of the rarest and most beautiful dilute turquoise Parrotlets you will ever see. Several years ago Billy XTREEM using our breeding by design method created some of the first dilute turquoise pied, back then I only knew of only one other advanced breeder that had the new mutation. Between the two of us existed only seven of what we called back then the white fallow pied Mutation. Those were exciting days my friends, but I was not satisfied after six or seven months. The master breeder of Xtreem Parrotlets yours truly, envisioned the new dilute turquoise pied and said if I can figure out how to genetically create red eyes in this rare mutation by adding the fallow gene. After consulting my inner circle of top breeders located in China and one here in the United States they laughed, said it was a fantastic vision but too many generations and a lot of time and patience but I had to have yet another new mutation. So my work went on and on and on. Finally, Billy XTREEM received his breakthrough. Finally after two years the white turquoise, known today as the dilute turquoise was forever changed. We finally achieved the goal, the dream, and the vision. We had a new mutation properly called white turquoise fallow pied mutation. Again those were exciting times. Now after several years, they are commonplace. Now that these goals have been realized I feel that they are an integral part of any breeding program. Now you can create your own vision and dreams and the excitement of creating a new mutation or at least the thrill of trying. We have paired these birds up with turquoise pied, blue pied, green pied and came up with some beautiful new color mutations. Of course, it goes without saying you must pair the dilute turquoise fallow pied with a Parrotlet that is split to fallow and yellow or cinnamon and most any other color. But it must be split to fallow or you will receive no fallow birds. We have had great success in breeding the dilute turquoise Parrotlet and also selling. We have a waiting list for our dilute turquoise fallow pied, also the dilute turquoise split to fallow from many of our clients across the country. Just to show a few, Xtreem Parrotlets Los Angeles County Los Angeles California, Houston Texas Harris County our breeders and pet lovers purchase turquoise pied, Spectacle, Misty parrotlets, yellow fallow’s, dilute turquoise, blue turquoise. We also have clients in Passaic New Jersey, Kings County Brooklyn New York, Nassau County Queens New York, Suffolk Long Island New York, Hillsborough County Tampa Florida and Miami-Dade Florida. All of these client states have purchased Xtreem parrotlets dark blue cobalt, dilute turquoise Parrotlets, turquoise Parrotlets, turquoise pied, Misty’s and much more. Stay tuned as we will be discussing each dilute turquoise type in the future so stay tuned.

Rare Pedigree Dilute Turquoise Parrotlets

Creating  this bird is a two-year process if all goes well.  A breeder must always be aware of the hidden gene factor which will bring you back to square one wasting lots of time and often causing much discouragement and grief. We have up to five generations in all parrotlets for sale. We at Xtreem Parrotlets have created our line of dilute turquoise through the above referencing 10 years ago thus giving us our own pedigree birds you’ll find no where else.  At Xtreem Parrotlets we don’t simply purchase birds for resale rather we make our birds through our advanced breeding techniques.

Advantages of Purchasing From Xtreem Parrotlets

We own two large aviarys  with two separate blood lines which allows us to never inbreed our parrotlets. This is something we pride ourselves on and took years to accomplish. We are proud to offer pedigree bloodlines and some of the rarest parrotlets in the world.

What Makes Parrotlets So Popular Among Bird Lovers?

There is little doubt that this bird is immensely popular and there is a very good reason for it. First and foremost is that these little birds will form tight bonds with humans and show genuine affection for their owners. They love to be handled, scratched, and petted. Since they’re are very quite birds, not like most other loud screeching parrots ,they make great pets if you live in an apartment, condo or have neighbors that are close by. Quite to the contrary these birds will do best when they are thought of as true pets and are treated like they are part of the family.

Another reason why they are so popular, particularly dilute turquoise parrotlets, is because of their coloring. They are exotic birds. Simply put, they are beautiful birds to look at.

7 – Reasons Why Dilute Turquoise Parrotlets Make Great Pets

  1. Great Companions
  2. They can be taught to talk
  3. They can do tricks
  4. They love to cuddle
  5. They don’t squawk like larger parrots
  6. Their tiny size make them easy clean up after
  7. Their beautiful color plumage make them the center of conversation

As with any parrotlet it is a good idea to spend some time learning about their habits and needs before purchasing. It is important to make sure that these little birds will fit into your lifestyle and that you will be able to care for them adequately. Any good book on parrotlet care will be able to help you with this process. Also, if there is a pet store in your area that specializes in birds, it could be helpful to consult them before making a decision.

It is good to know that these birds are very social creatures and form lifelong bonds.  If you do find that you are going to be gone a lot it is a good idea to get a pair of them so that they can socialize with one another.

Dilute turquoise parrotlets are truly a joy to have. They will add wonderful color and life to any home. These are birds that both children and adults can easily fall in love with because they make such wonderful companions. Just remember before you decide to go out and purchase one, do your homework and be sure that you can provide the bird with the care and environment that it needs.


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