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The Joy of Owning Fallow Parrotlets

We have been breeding fallow parrotlets for the last 10 years. We now have the largest collection of fallow birds in the U.S.A. to date. We also have some of the rarest of the fallow parrotlet mutations you will find anywhere in the world.

The genetics of fallow parrotlet are very different than most of our other parrotlets. There is a fallow factor and or the fallow gene which changes and manipulates not only the color of the plumage but also of the eyes and sometimes the feet. The eyes could come out a bright red, just as red as the albino. Or better known as the ino gene. Fallow genetics hold color and can give you a bright red-eyed or a deep Ruby red-eyed color. The plumage on a fallow Parrotlet is often changed to gray, dark gray, tan, dark tan and also cinnamon.

The unique genetics of the fallow Parrotlet coupled with the knowledge of an advanced breeder can Produce a dark factor Parrotlet. This process can take up to two years or if everything goes well 18 months. We have produced dark factor Brown olive parrotlets. This process took us approximately 18 months and was worth the time and patience to produce such a bird. This could not have been accomplished without the genetic pool of the fallow Parrotlet. We now have a modest amount at this time of breeding stock to start the production of dark factor parrotlets in America. This process will take us at least another 18 months to two years to complete but the fruits of our labors will allow All-American breeders throughout the country to purchase some dark factor parrotlets. Thanks to the genetics of the fallow mutation and the breeding talents of Billy XTREEM.

We would now like to share some of the many different types of fallow parrotlets that we have developed here at extreme parrotlets.

  • White fallow= genetics/Y/B/F
  • Blue fallow= genetics/B/F
  • Green fallow= genetics/G/Y/B
  • Yellow fallow= genetics/Y/B/F

These are the basic color fallow mutations. We will now discuss the description of these beautiful birds. The white fallow is bright white with red eyes and usually, they will have clear nails and pinkish feet. The eye color can vary from bright red to dark Ruby red. We also have noticed some white fallow’s you can actually see some of them male markings which would be blue but on the white fallow it is a very soft subdued powder blue. And on others, you would have to have it sexed to tell the difference.
But this does not hold true for the blue fallow. The blue fallow can have a white face or sometimes a white powder blue face and the male markings can be easily seen. There plumage is usually a dark gray silver on the back. It’s blue plumage has been manipulated through the genetic manipulations of the fallow gene and or the fallow factor.
Let us now move on to the green fallow, the green fallow in some cases has a beautiful yellow face, dark blue markings above the eyes, bright red eyes and a beautiful green on the top of its head. And usually, you will have cinnamon plumage on its back.
Now we will move to the yellow fallow mutation. We have seen yellow fallow’s that are super bright yellow, we have also seen yellow fallow’s that are more like a banana yellow. The eyes of these beautiful parrotlets can be bright red and or dark Ruby red. The nails are colorless. Some of the yellow fallow mutations have white along the edges of their wings. The males have obvious blue markings on their wings. Due to the yellow fallow genetics in rare cases, the male will not show its markings and would have to be sexed. This process would give you positive ID on the bird.

We will now make mention of some of our rare and exotic fallow mutations. We have the unique cobalt cinnamon fallow pied Misty mutation, This is one rare Parrotlet you can see pictures of it in our picture gallery in the rare parrotlets section.
We also have the turquoise fallow pied, which is absolutely stunning in color. The turquoise fallow, dilute turquoise fallow, pastel fallow, and much more. All of our fallow mutations also come in pied. Meaning they are double factored genetic Parrotlet mutations. They are some of Xtreem parrotlets most unique and beautiful parrotlets for sale.

Most all of our fallow parrotlet mutations gets sold quickly. A lot of fallow mutations sold by Xteem Parrotlets are sold in Miami Florida. Several breeders in Miami Dade County Florida have contacted us within the last three years to purchase all of our available fallow Parrotlet color mutations. Some of the Miami breeders are putting parrotlets into their breeding programs. Some of them are breeding lovebirds and are looking to expand. That’s where Xtreem Parrotlets come in. They are serious breeders and they know what they want and they have a plan of action to expand their horizons.

Xtreemparrotlets has been working with some of the Miami breeders and helping them cross that bridge and it’s been our distinct pleasure in meeting these awesome breeders. There is definitely something going on in Miami Florida Dade County and we are glad to be part of it.

Xtreem Parrotlets have also sold our fallow mutations as well as our dark-eyed parrotlets to breeders in the state of New York. We have our parrotlets scattered about the five boroughs. Queens, Queens County New York, Brooklyn Kings County New York, Staten Island Richmond County New York, Manhattan New York County New York, Bronx County the Bronx New York and Suffolk County Long Island New York. Pet lovers, as well as breeders throughout New York, now have our parrotlets. Also, breeders and pet lovers alike in the state of New Jersey Atlantic County two of our clients live in Passaic New Jersey. We also have Xtreem Parrotlets in the state of Connecticut in Beacon Falls in New Haven County. and Avon Connecticut located in Hartford County. Xtreem Parrotlets have sold literally hundreds of Parrotlet mutations in 27 states in the U.S.A. We have sold parrotlets worldwide including the U.K. we also have parrotlet mutations in Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Thailand. We are now working on an ongoing negotiation with Brazil, breeders in Brazil want to purchase our fallow color mutations as well as many other parrotlet types. If you are reading this take the time and explore the rest of our website you will love it.

Keeping birds as pets can bring a lot of joy to a home. There are so many species from which to choose, each with its own unique characteristics and personalities. Some are very affectionate; many can imitate sounds and words; and some have beautiful singing voices.

Most bird lovers have their favorites, whether due to size, singing and talking ability or some other talent they have to offer. But there are some people who enjoy the uniqueness of a more rare bird species. Fallow Parrotlets are one such popular breed.

The first parrotlet to appear with such color mutations was a Pacific Parrotlet. It was basically a golden green bird with red eyes.For the sake of those who are not already bird owners or enthusiasts, a fallow parrotlet is a parrotlet that, due to mutations and special breeding, comes in a unique array of colorful markings not common to an ordinary parrotlet. They’re also known for their “red eyes” although some have deep ruby-colored eyes.

The males have yellow faces with cobalt blue markings and the females, as with most birds, display less colorful markings. The fallow mutation is from a recessive gene, but it makes for the most interesting markings.

Xtreem Parrotlets offers one of the largest selection of fallow parrotlets in the U.S. We’ve taken the fallow mutation to a whole new level, through our Xtreem breeding techniques. We have the finest selection of these rare beauty’s available.

We now have for sale:

  • Green fallows
  • Blue fallows
  • Turquoise fallows
  • White fallows
  • Yellow fallows
  • White pied fallows
  • Blue Fallow turquoise pied (rare)
  • White fallow turquoise pied (rare)
  • Cobalt Cinnamon Fallow Pied “Misty” (Xtreemly rare)
  • Dilute turquoise fallows
  • Dilute turquoise fallows pied (Xtreemly rare)
    and much more…



People love the parrotlets because they are of the same temperament and character as larger Parrots but are more manageable. There is less waste to clean up also. But the best difference is that these little “Mini Me’s” don’t squawk like most parrots. That is a major argument in their favor. If you have ever owned a parrot, you’ll understand. Love the bird, but the squawk? Not so much!

If, however, you have a desire for one of these unique birds, the fallow parrotlets is a great exotic parrotlet to have as a pet and bond with. They can be taught to talk and do tricks and be a good companion bird. As noted above, birds can bring a great deal of joy and amusement into the lives of their owners. Having birds with unique markings like those found on rare fallow parrotlets is just one more pleasure for the pet owner wanting a companion bird and also the novice breeder as well as the serious breeder and collector of rare parrotlets.

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