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The Many Types of American Parrotlets


Green Parrotlets: In order to obtain a green Parrotlet you have to breed out 5 generations or more to acquire a true green Parrotlet otherwise known as the Clean Green there are no other colors or splits present in this birds lineage. The advantages of having a Clean Green Parrotlet is they are used to create blue split, yellow split Parrotlets.

If you pair a blue and yellow Parrotlet this will in turn produce a green Parrotlet which will be known as a triple split and paired with a Dilute Blue Parrotlet will produce offspring consisting of four colors of birds which include yellow, blue, green and white all coming from a green triple split Parrotlet.

Amercican Yellow Parrotlet: was created by old friend and geneticist Rainer Ehrhardt. The method he used to create the bird was through selected breeding and genetic alteration. He is also known for the creation of the American White Parrotlet. Xtreem Parrotlets til this very day have an original American Yellow that was actually purchased from Mr Ehrhardt 14 year ago.

Blue Parrotlet: The true blue Parrotlet is a product of a natural occurring mutation. Most breeders include the blue Parrotlet due to they are used to create triple splits by placing the blue Parrotlet with an American Yellow thus producing the green triple split. They can also be used to create blue fallow Parrotlets and much more.

American White Parrotlet: The white Parrotlet has both recessed and dominant genes the dominant gene being blue and the recessive gene being yellow. The white Parrotlet is used to create a vast variety of different colored mutations.

Turquoise Parrotlet: The turquoise consider the Turquoise Parrotlet is the Alpha and Omega of Parrotlets. As all rare mutations cannot be created without this bird. The Turquoise Parrotlet is responsible for the creation of turquoise pied, the dilute turquoise, white turquoise fallow pied, creamino, turquoise pastel, the fallow turquoise and much much more.

For The Breeder As Well As The Family Pet

At Xtreem Parrotlets these birds are often used in our breeding programs. Without these mutations we would not be able to produce some of the rarest Parrotlets we have to offer. Also they make great pets. They love to cuddle, perform tricks and talk. They are great companion birds.


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Turquoise Green Head Parrotlets

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