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Welcome to Xtreem Parrotlets. This list is provided for your help and understanding of parrotlet color mutations. If you are interested in any of these parrotlet color mutations, website has most of these parrotlets for sale.
We explain the color mutations and cover the basic mutations, as well as the genetics that create these parrotlets should you want to make a purchase. Also, you will learn the color mutation of the parrotlets as well as its genetic makeup. This is helpful in making an educated decision based on what color parrotlet you are interested in purchasing from us.

We have many color variations and mutations in stock. In fact, we have one of the largest collection of rare parrotlet color mutations and fallow parrotlet color mutations in the USA. You can view these beautiful birds on website.
Below we have provided a list of the many different types of parrotlet color mutations. We hope it will be helpful to you in making any decisions on purchasing any of our beautiful parrotlets from us. There will be genetic codes next to the names of each parrotlet. The parrotlets that are named in this list are rare and exotic and can only be purchased at

Parrotlet Bird Names with Color Mutation Genetic Abbreviation


  • American white parrotlet = B/Y.
  • American white pied parrotlet = B/Y/P.American white fallow parrotlet = B/Y/F.
  • American white fallow pied parrotlet = B/Y/P/F.
  • American yellow parrotlet = Y/B.
  • American yellow pied parrotlet = Y/B/P.
  • American yellow fallow parrotlet = Y/B/F.
  • American yellow fallow pied parrotlet = Y/B/F/P.
  • Pacific blue parrotlet = B
  • Pacific blue pied parrotlet = B/P/Y.
  • Pacific blue fallow parrotlet = B/F/Y.
  • Pacific blue fallow pied parrotlet = B/F/P.
  • Green parrotlet = G
  • Green pied parrotlet = G/Y/P/B.
  • Green pied fallow parrotlet = G/P/Y/F.
  • Green fallow parrotlet = G/F.
  • Turquoise parrotlet = incomplete B =/ T.
  • Turquoise pied parrotlet = T/P.
  • Turquoise pied fallow parrotlet = T/P/F.
  • Turquoise fallow parrotlet = T/F.



We hope this list will be of help to you.
If you are interested in purchasing any of our color mutations feel free to contact us at any time. thank you.

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