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Welcome to Xtreem Parrotlets aviary.

We have been breeding parrotlets for the past 20 years. Within that period of time, we have become world renowned and some of our parrotlets birds have reached a level of fame and interest from breeders around the world. Our famous line of turquoise parrotlets now spans the globe. Mega breeders such as U.K. exporters, Breeders from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and Thailand have all imported our Turquoise collection from Xtreem parrotlets aviary.

We are also in the process of concluding parrotlets sales and business with U.S. corporate pet giant Petco through subsidiaries such as Florida exotics and others. Xtreem Parrotlet breeders and aviary are committed to the creation of many new and exciting parrotlets mutations. We have many in the works as we speak. We also have many that will not be ready for at least two years from now. We are known for our rare and exotic Parrotlet Birds which we have sold to 27 of the 50 states in the U.S. We are now in the process of talking about a new cutting edge breeding aviary. We are now just putting our ideas on paper, this will be a huge on taking for Xtreem parrotlets aviary. This new aviary will house up to 200 breeding pair of parrotlets.  It will also include a mini lab, a feeding station for babies, a mini kitchen complete with sink, refrigerator, microwave oven, special lighting and climate control. But for now it is only in the planning stage, we will also be adding new features to this mega aviary as time goes on.

We are dreaming big and going bold, that is why we are Xtreem Parrotlets. We are located in Florida in the Tampa Bay area. Florida has a great climate for avian breeding. Our parrotlets love all this Florida sunshine. We are also licensed by the state of Florida to breed and sell birds. Xtreem Parrotlet breeders and aviary are pure breeders and the largest Parrotlet aviary in the U.S.


Xtreem Parrotlet Breeders and Aviary have been working on several breeding projects. We are in the process of creating a Turquoise Parrotlet with an entirely yellow back. It is coming along quite nicely, I would say we are three-quarters of the way there. We have some offspring right now in the nest box that looks as though they may have an entirely yellow back and turquoise head.

This project is several years in the making and is just now starting to happen through selective breeding techniques that we have created. We are known for our turquoise yellow Pied and through many years of selective breeding techniques and much patience, we are now on the cusp of a complete yellow back turquoise pied. We have several that are three-quarter yellow back but not yet a full yellow back. The turquoise yellow back can take up to a year sometimes longer for all the yellow to come through on the back wings.

Our goal is to have this genetic phenomenon happened right from the nest box and thank God it is starting to happen. You can see some of our progress on our Facebook page we are showcasing many turquoise yellow pied that you can purchase plus much more. You can also visit us on our website at Xtreem Thank you from all of us at Xtreem parrotlets breeders and aviary.


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