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The History of Pastel Parrotlets

Pastel Parrotlets were originally created in Europe, as European breeders were trying to acquire Rainer Ehrhardt’s American Yellow. They did not succeed, thus giving us the European Yellow which has darker characteristics especially in the wings. After some years of selective breeding with these birds they have acquired what we now call the pastel yellow. We now have the non-laced wing pastel yellow and the lace wing pastel yellow. The European breeders have also produced the blue pastel, which some are a pale blue with darker blue wings and sometimes silver wings and as with the yellow pastel you have the non-laced wing and the lace wing design. The lace wing pastel has a much more desirable appearance than the non-lace wing Parrotlet.

Through the years both American and European breeders have made advancements in the breeding of the Pastel Parrotlet. The new trends of pastel colors have expanded to European yellow pastel, green pastel, blue pastel, white pastel, turquoise pastel, and much more.

Pastels are now used in cross-breeding to effect a lighter Parrotlet with darker wings which may or may not be lace winged.

We at Xtreem Parrotlets are now in process of creating some of our new mutations using the lace wing pastel. Applying our Xtreem breeding techniques we are now engaged in a two year project that includes pastel Parrotlets. It will take three generations to complete the new genetic pathway to this rare mutation and will be presented to the public as well as advanced breeders and collectors of rare Parrotlets and also the pet lover who is looking for a companion bird with exquisite colors and markings.

Xtreem parrotlets is now breeding the Turquoise pastel. We have spent a large amount of time on our new turquoise line of pastel parrotlets. We will also be breeding the blue pastel, as well as many different splits for good pairings. We have decided to add the pastel to our turquoise collection because of their beauty. We are also breeding them by design meaning we are just not putting pastel birds together. We are affecting a certain result to show off colors such as yellow and blue mixed in with various shades of turquoise, green and white. We have now created a beautiful turquoise pastel of many shades for our new breeding stock. We also have created turquoise and blue split to pastel, yellow and fallow. These splits are unique and difficult to make and not easy to find. Along with Xtreem Parrotlets intimate knowledge of turquoise and breeding by design techniques allows us to breed some of our turquoise pastels with multi-colored shades throughout the back, head and chest coupled with lacewing and scalloped feathering effects. We will have some of these beautiful turquoise pastels for sale in the near future.

At this time most breeders do not have the turquoise pastel available. Most of them do not have it at all. We have seen some breeders that do have only 1 or 2. They seem to have very few turquoise pastel. Xtreem parrotlets has held back on selling any of these beautiful birds in order to create a large breeding stock of turquoise pastels. This will allow us within the next several months to create enough of the unique birds to sell to as many clients that would like one for a pet or to hobby breeders and advanced breeders as well. We believe that the turquoise pastels will be plentiful within the next two years. Here at Xtreem we have done our due diligence in the conversation, preparation and commitment to breed by design giving us new genetic formulas for this bird. We are proud to announce our forthcoming additions to our turquoise Parrotlet collection.

  • Turquoise pastel lacewing / none lacewing
  • Double factor turquoise pastel lacewing /none lacewing
  • White turquoise pastel lacewing /non-lacewing
  • Double factor pastel white turquoise lacewing /non-lacewing
  • Turquoise pastel pied lacewing /non-lacewing
  • Double factor pastel turquoise pied lacewing /non-lacewing
  • Turquoise pastel fallow lacewing /non-lacewing
  • Turquoise pastel fallow pied lacewing /non-lacewing

Enjoy some of our pictures that we have put up so that you can see the beauty of these unique turquoise pastel parrotlets. As our breeding stock grows larger we will give you more content of our progress also knew pictures as the unique birds grow to breeding age. So stay tuned and be excited for it won’t be long now and we will be able to share these beautiful parrotlets with you, the pet lover and the hobby breeder as well as the advanced breeder. You can also check us out on our Facebook page and also on Hoobly. Thank you for your time Xtreem parrotlets.

Xtreem Parrotlets Make Great Family Pets and Companions

All of our birds are friendly, and could be taught to talk and perform tricks and be a great addition to any household that is looking for a pet Parrotlet to bring them some joy and fun. As these little birds are quite comical and entertaining.


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Turquoise Pastel – Double Factor

Pastel ParrotletsBlue Pastel

European Yellow Pastel Parrotlets
European Yellow Pastel

White Turquoise Pastel Parrotlet

 White Turquoise Pastel Parrotlet

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