Turquoise Pastel Lacewing Parrotlet

Turquoise Pastel Parrotlet


The turquoise pastel is a fairly new color mutation. They are absolutely beautiful, they come in a variety of different shades of turquoise. This depends on the type of turquoise pastel used in the pairing. There are the dark turquoise pastel and the dilute turquoise pastel.

Most breeders will use the dark turquoise pastel and pair with a blue or turquoise split to pastel. Or dilute turquoise pastel paired a full turquoise that is split to pastel. With a pairing such as this you will not get all pastel in the clutch. You will get some full turquoise pastel, or possibly a blue pastel. The rest of the clutch will be only split to pastel.

To get a richer darker more desirable turquoise pastel, a dark pastel male paired with a second dark pastel female will give you the most desirable of all turquoise pastels. The male pastel as with all birds have a darker and richer turquoise color plumage than the female. The female characteristics are not quite as vibrant in the color nor marbling effect of the plumage on their back wings. Also on the sides of the wings there can also be what we call the lacewing effect.


The Lacewing Effect

The lacewing affect is absolutely beautiful and will bring more beauty and also value to the price of your Parrotlet. The lacewing effect are many small feathers that are staggered on top of one another. With the larger feathers located above the lacewing effect. Other Parrotlet color mutations that are not pastel can have this lacewing effect which adds much more beauty to the plumage of the Parrotlet mutation. So the lacewing can be on all Parrotlet color mutations not just the pastel mutation color.

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