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Owning birds is a fascinating and enjoyable hobby and a fun business to be in.  Parrotlets make great pets as well as exciting birds to breed. But for some people, this hobby takes on new proportions as they seek out not just any bird, but a rare species – a bird that becomes a conversation piece and garners an endless array of comments.

What is a Pied Parrotlet?

Such a bird is the Pied Parrotlet. To begin, it must be explained for those reading that are not bird owners that a Parrotlet is, just as the name implies, a small parrot. In fact, it is so small it is the smallest parrot in the world.

Of these tiny parrot-like birds, there is a species known as Pied Parrotlets. The word “pied” is defined as a marbelized appearance consisting of two or more colors. The color scheme is due to a mutation of the basic parrotlet colors (generally blue and green) which occurs when two birds are bred that already manifest this characteristic.

Thus, rather than being one solid color, the pied bird happens when the mutation causes these colors to be interspersed with spots of yellow on the green pied parrotlet and white on the blue pied Parrotlet, giving the bird a mottled look. It creates an interesting mix of colors and unique markings that make the bird really stand out.

The Turquoise Pied Mutation

The Turquoise Pied Parrotlet is an absolutely beautiful bird. Blue markings on the rump and wings make the male really stand out and a green face and turquoise body add to the carousel of colors in this bird. But, to top it off, it has white feathers dotted all over his body to create a mottled look.

Parrotlets Make Great Pets

The attraction of parrotlets is partly due to the fact that one can basically own a Parrot without all the disadvantages that accompany such a pleasure. It is much easier to clean up their “messes,” and they don’t have that annoying habit of squawking all the time like most Parrots do.

If you are inclined to get one of these beautiful birds, it is important to choose a responsible breeder like Xtreem Parrotlets.

Birds are a pleasure to own and watch. They love to interact with their owners. In fact, they love attention. They sing; they talk; and they are always entertaining us. If you enjoy parrotlets, you can find many variations of these little pied Parrotlets on our website for sale.

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Rare Young Turquoise Yellow Pied Parrotlets

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