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Today we are going to discuss rare Parrotlet mutations. The rarest of all Parrotlet mutations are out in the wild. Just to name a few we have the Mexican Parrotlet, the Yellowface Parrotlet, the Blue-winged Parrotlet, and even the Red Parrotlet. And there are several more. You can only find these mutations in the wild. They are the rarest of the rare

Here at Xtreem Parrotlets our breeding facility is our own version of wild. Through the years we’ve created some of the most rarest and exotic Parrotlet color mutations in America to date. After many years in the Parrotlet breeding business, we have now come to a place and method we call breeding by design. Breeding by design can consist of up to two and three generations. And two or three different bloodlines. It can take up to a year and a half or sometimes two years to complete one of our rare Parrotlet color mutations.

We methodically plan out what we would like to create within two years. Meaning we have to start with the parents with selective genes and select only the best of that clutch. We have to do this with two sets of birds to keep the bloodlines separate. This is a Herculean genetic task. You have to create the parents, the offspring of the parents, the offspring then become the parents, and have to be bred out to give us the correct genetics to create the bird that we had in mind two years prior.

The genetic formula must be perfect we can leave nothing to chance for the sake of the Parrotlet and also what could wind up to be two years of your time to complete. We are not going to go deep into genetic formulas for it would take too long and you would not understand. Along with the genetic formulas comes math, yes mathematical equations along with chromosome types and genes that are attached to the chromosome and genes that are trapped within the chromosome walls. So at this time, we will not go there. That is what is nice about parrotlets in the wild, they are rare and not concerned about genetics.

We will now discuss the rare Parrotlets that we have achieved through the years. Such as one of our favorites, the turquoise yellow marbled pied mutation. It took us several years to create this beautiful Parrotlet color mutation. Keep in mind when we use the word marbled we are not talking about a pastel. This is a six gene Parrotlet mutation. We will use the genetic abbreviation which is T/Y/B/C/P, keep in mind the P = pied. The pied gene is not to be confused with a color gene, this gene affects color meaning it changes how the color is manifested on the mutation. The T= turquoise gene, Y= yellow gene, be= blue gene, C= cinnamon gene. You must have a second Parrotlet color mutation that was created from a second bloodline with certain genes that we will not mention that will complement the genetic formula that you have just read. The second mutation must match genetically perfect to the T/Y/B/C/P mutation. That pairing will have the potential to give us the rare turquoise yellow marble pied.

We have also created the same Parrotlet color mutation in fallow. The fallow factor changes everything giving us one of our most rare Parrotlet mutations to date. We will not get into the gene pool of that color mutation at this time. We will now briefly go down a list of our most rare Parrotlet color mutations that we have created through the years. We will give you the names and a brief description of their appearance. All of the mutations we will mention were envisioned and painstakingly formulated with paper and pencil and much genetic knowledge, mathematical preparation and knowledge and the meaning of what color means and looks like coupled with chromosomes and color genes and the manifestation of successful results which came with emotional highs and lows and not to mention time-consuming years. This is what I do, this is my life’s work, I am, Billy XTREEM.

As per some of our rarest Parrotlet mutations such as the white fallow turquoise pied, this rare mutation starts with a clean white fallow and paired with a yellow/T/F. Blue fallow turquoise pied this mutation starts with a clean blue fallow and paired with turquoise/Y/F. All of the rare Parrotlet color mutations that we will be mentioning are showcased right here on Xtreem parrotlets website. You can click on rare Parrotlets on the homepage or you could click on picture gallery and scroll down to rare parrotlets for sale. We have all of these rare Parrotlet color mutations showcased for your viewing pleasure. They are absolutely stunning and beautiful and the name of the Parrotlet color mutation is written on the image of the bird. We will provide content on each and every rare Parrotlet mutation sometime in the future so stay tuned. Most of our rare parrotlets are for sale, we breed them by supply and demand so if you are interested in purchasing one of the rare birds you will need to let us know in advance so that we may put you on a waiting list for  our rare Parrotlet. We will now get on with Xtreems rare color mutation list.

  • Cobalt cinnamon fallow pied Misty
  • blue fallow turquoise pied
  • white fallow turquoise pied
  • turquoise yellow marble pied ( not pastel )
  • dark blue cobalt
  • dark Brown olive green
  • turquoise yellow pastel
  • turquoise cinnamon fallow
  • green pied fallow
  • dilute turquoise fallow
  • dilute turquoise fallow pied
  • Harlequin fallow pied
  • cinnamon fallow pied
  • blue pied fallow
  • cremino
  • spectacle Parrotlet
  • turquoise gray (new mutation)
  • Lutino
  • white pied fallow
  • yellow pied fallow
  • yellow pied
  • turquoise pied fallow Misty
  • albino

These are some of our rare parrotlets color mutations as mentioned in the above paragraph. We will in time right content for all of our rare Parrotlet color mutations on this list. And give you more insights on rare parrotlets.

We at Xtreem Parrotlets pride ourselves in the creation of the rarest mutations created internationally. We create genetic pathways to the rare and exotic birds by using our Xtreem breeding techniques and our intimate knowledge and understanding of genetics coupled with mathematical equations that are relative to selective breeding techniques.

All of our birds are 7th, 4th and 3rd generation birds thus creating a pedigree. At Xtreem Parrotlets we don’t buy and sell parrotlets we create them making them a true pedigree line.

We are now in position to share with the advanced breeder and collector of rare parrotlets as well as novice and hobby breeders.

Our Parrotlets Make Fantastic Pets

If you are a bird enthusiast then you may already know what a Parrotlet is. It is, just as the name suggests, a small parrot. But not just small, like a Quaker Parrot compared to a Red and Blue Macaw, a Parrotlet is somewhat smaller than even a parakeet.

Some people prefer a parrotlet to its larger counterpart because it’s easier to manage and definitely to clean up after. Also it is not as noisy as a parrot that tends to squawk very loudly anoying neighbors as well as your household

A popular variation for those who love small birds but want something different are rare parrotlets. There are a number of choices in this category. What makes each of them rare is that they have color mutations not seen in most parrotlets.

In fact, it is these sometimes awesome, always unique color variations, along with their petite size, that make them so popular among all bird lovers. There are several of these rare birds from which to choose.

The Albino Pacific Parrotlet

As its names implies, this parrotlet has no color other than in its red eyes. This mutation is achieved when breeding blue splits and lutinos. The female is identical to the male.

The Turquoise Pied Parrotlet

This is a beautiful bird with pronounced blue markings on both its wings and its rump and a green face and turquoise body. He has white feathers throughout, giving him an interesting mottled look.

Fallow Pacific Parrotlet

Another species of these rare parrotlets is known as the Fallow Parrotlet. These birds come in a variaity of colors such as, blue, turquoise, yellow, white and may also come in combinations of these colors that are cross-bred into pieds.

The mutation that causes these rare parrotlets comes from a recessive gene. It truly does make for rich and rare color combinations. In addition to their rarity, these birds are a pleasure to watch and very sociable. Some even have the capability to talk or sing. They are no trouble and can bring much joy into any household.

So, as with any pet you purchase, do your homework. Make sure you have a good breeder who has a lot of experience, but more importantly, loves the little creatures he or she sells.

Xtreem Parrotlets as mentioned on national networks, FOX, ABC, CBS & NBC has the largest selection rare parrotlets for sale.



Rare White Fallow Turquoise Pied

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Stay tuned the best is yet to come from Billy XTREEM.

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