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What is a Spectacled Parrotlet?

Spectacled Parrotlets (Forpus conspicillatus) are now for sale at Xtreem Parrotlets. Unavailable prior to 1992, several pairs were imported and through a successful breeding cooperative sponsored by the International Parrotlet Society. There are now hundreds of these beautiful little gems available as pets. The Spectacled Parrotlet is amongst the smallest of all parrotlets measuring up to 12 cm. These birds are among the world’s smallest species of Parrots in captivity and are referred to as the Pocket Parrot or Tea Cup Parrot. Spectacles are close to Green Rump size weighing about 25 grams and less than five inches in length. They are also very dark green, especially the males. Both males and females have pink beaks and legs. Males have stunning violet-blue wings and backs. The name is given due to the rumps and rings around their eyes giving them the appearance that they’re wearing spectacles. Females are also dark green and have emerald eye rings.

Cousins To Exotic Tropical Birds

These birds are cousin to the big Amazons and their personality shows it. Almost all of their DNA matches the Amazon. They are in some cases called small Amazons and are referred to as dynamite in little packages. Parrotlets are also classified as the smallest new species parrot types, consisting of numerous genera, particularly Forpus, Touit and Nannopsittaca. They’re known for their stocky build and a broad tail, much like the pygmy and fig parrots of Australasia and the lovebirds of East Africa. They are native to South America and are also known as a species of Psittacidae family. These birds are found in Venezuela, Colombia and Panama. Its native environments are tropical, subtropical or dry forests as well as tropical and subtropical moist lowland forests.
These miniature parrots in the wild travel in flocks that can vary from as low as 4 to over 100 birds. Most will generally travel in flocks of about 5 to 40. They form lifelong and tight pair bonds with their selected mates.
Spectacled Parrotlets are rowdy, lively, vibrant, positive, clownish, courageous, all wrapped into one bundle. These birds kept singly can make a great pet and friend. When keeping 2 or even more together they are most likely to bond to each other. They do require occasional communication to keep them manageable and interested in you. I constantly want to see birds have mates, However if you have the ability to invest good quality time with your pet Spectacled parrotlet, you will certainly end up having actually a terrific bonded new best friend. They are little bundles of delight!

Fun Loving Playful Personalities

These tiny gems have very outgoing personalities but not as much of a stubborn streak as their Pacific cousins. Unlike most Green Rumps, they are not shy and are very inquisitive and curious. They also seem to be one of the talkers of the parrotlets with both males and females often learning to imitate human speech. Personality of the Spectacled Parrotlet varies significantly from shy and reserved to outgoing and bratty. They are genuine people since each bird is totally distinct and different. They’re  stated to be more calm and overall more friendly as compared to the Pacific Parrotlet. They are also smaller in size with an average weight of only about 28 grams. It can be said that they’re also not as feisty as the Pacific Parrotlet, nor as shy as the Green-rump Parrotlet however someplace between. The description of the personality above appears to be what most breeders agree with, However I personally believe the personalities are for the most part precisely the very same with all 3 type of parrotlets. It considerably depends on the real birds character. I’ve seen Green-Rumps, Pacific, and Spectacled Parrotlets that can act really nasty at times and also have many that are just sweet hearts. When it comes right down to it – Your birds personality is considerably developed by the way you communicate and treat it.

Life Expectancy: How long do they live?

Spectacled Parrotlets are stated to have a life-span of about 20 – 25 years.
However, we are seeing the life expectancy average more like 10 to 20 years based upon the breeding. inbreeding bloodlines, health and diet plan. In the United States the life-span appears to be getting lower because of the inbreeding that has actually taken place over the last 20 years as a result of not being able to import any brand-new birds or bloodlines into the nation.

Conveniently Sold & Shipped To Your Location of Choice

At Xtreem Parrotlets we sell bonded pairs as well as single male and females. We breed them in our state of the art aviary located in sunny Tampa Florida. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our birds for sale we make make very easy to do so. We are PayPal friendly and ship our birds to your nearest airport location using your preference of  United or Delta.


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