Xtreem Parrotlets Customer Reviews
Xtreem Parrotlets Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews

Valued client Rhonda Marsh’s grandson Cooper hanging out with Sammy and Elli enjoying play time together!

Rhonda has been purchasing pet parrotlets from Xtreem for the past 2 years  and has built up quite the family.


This is what it’s all about…meet the breakfast club at Rhonda Marsh’s kitchen!

“Our parrotlets are as tame as the time you make for them”

-Billy Xtreem

” Billy surpasses all of my expectations! He has a big new cage with even a patio. That’s what you see with the blue covering. He loves to be held and rubbed. He is already “the love of my life “

-Laverne Swarat

Our little Birdie from Billy & Diana saying “tickle tickle tickle” at :05 and at :11 seconds. He also says “baby bird” and “hahaha” like a person and makes kissing sounds. He’s amazing.

-‎Lisa Pakes‎