Turquoise Parrotlets For Sale

The Blue Turquoise Parrotlet

The turquoise Parrotlet now comes in many types. The blue turquoise Parrotlet male has a turquoise head and face, darker blue turquoise wings and a beautiful blue turquoise chest. This turquoise bird is of the most common of the turquoise Parrotlet. When fully grown the plumage and the color become rich and deep. They have dark eyes and the nails are dark. Xtreem Parrotlets have been breeding the turquoise bird 15 years out of our 23 years of our breeding program. The genetics of this bird are simple but yet complexed. You will not find the turquoise Parrotlet in the wilds. This was a bird that was created in captivity by two geneticists approximately 20 years ago. Using genetics and a couple of years of selective breeding. They then created the full turquoise Parrotlet. When we purchased our first two pairs they were Xtreemly rare and very expensive. The gene in the turquoise Parrotlet has been manipulated through genetics to be an incomplete blue gene giving us various shades of turquoise.

The Turquoise Green Head Parrotlet

Through the years we now have several versions of the turquoise Parrotlet. We have what we call the turquoise green head. Which is a green turquoise, the back feathers are a beautiful deep turquoise green and the face and the head is a deep rich Royal green with just a shimmer of turquoise. It can take up to 4 to 5 months the turquoise green head Parrotlet to color up to this outstanding green turquoise. Xtreem Parrotlets also breed this type, it is called the original turquoise green head and is hard to find. We have not seen any other breeders with this bird. It also goes to prove that the blue gene which is incomplete to make the color turquoise can vary from not just 50% but it can be up to 35%, 45%, 60% and anywhere in between these numbers to give us different shades of turquoise. Giving us several different types and shades of turquoise parrotlets.

The Turquoise Fallow Parrotlet

This rare Parrotlet has the added gene called the fallow gene. The fallow gene further manipulates the color of the plumage on the turquoise Parrotlet. Also giving it red eyes or red ruby eyes and clear nails. They are absolutely beautiful in appearance. In the video above we contrast the difference between the blue turquoise and the fallow turquoise is an excellent video and a resource of information to literally show you the difference between the fallow version and the non-fallow version. The fallow turquoise Parrotlet can be used in breeding to upscale your breeding program. It also makes a beautiful pet, the red eyes in contrast with the turquoise coloring is magnificent.

The Dark Gray Turquoise Parrotlet

Xtreem Parrotlets are proud to announce that it has created a new turquoise mutation, as far as we know we are the only ones at this time that have this rare turquoise mutation for sale. Though they are few at this time we will be breeding and adding it to our turquoise line. The dark gray turquoise Parrotlet has a dark gray chest and dark gray turquoise wings. The head and face are a deep rich right turquoise. This new Parrotlet color mutation was in creation for two years we will be posting pictures of this new turquoise mutation for all to see and enjoy and to purchase. We have these birds showcased on our Facebook page also.

Our Breeding Stock Is Located In Many Major US Cities

Xtreem Parrotlets now in Houston Texas Harris County and liberty County Texas. Several breeders have contacted us from Texas to purchase our famed turquoise pied as well as dilute turquoise. Many of our clients purchase our parrotlets to improve their breeding programs and are confident they will be purchasing good healthy and strong beautiful turquoise birds. Our turquoise Parrotlets are well known throughout the entire World and in all 50 states. We enjoy an excellent reputation especially our turquoise Parrotlet line in Texas.

Xtreem Parrotlets is also now in Los Angeles County California and San Bernardino County California. Breeders in Los Angeles County California have been purchasing turquoise pied parrotlets as well as fallow parrotlets to upscale their breeding programs. Also, pet enthusiasts love our birds and often purchase our dark cobalt blue, turquoise green head, American yellow and our rare parrotlets. Pet lovers purchase them for their companionship which will brighten up anybody’s day also pet lovers teach them to speak and do many tricks that could make anybody’s day.

Rare Turquoise Parrotlet Mutations

We at Xtreem Parrotlets consider the Turquoise Parrotlet the Alpha and Omega of Parrotlets. As all rare mutations cannot be created without this bird. The Turquoise is responsible for the creation of turquoise pied, the dilute turquoise, white turquoise fallow pied, creamino, turquoise pastel, the fallow turquoise and much much more.
Xtreem Parrotlet Breeders use this bird to create some of our rarest turquoise pied Parrotlets and many of our rare mutations that go back five generations. The gene line of the Turquoise is in fact the blue gene that is incomplete. Therefore this creates different levels of incompletion of this blue gene giving us different shades of turquoise ranging from sea foam green to a medium turquoise to a rich deep turquoise. At Xtreem Parrotlets we use this knowledge coupled with our Xtreem breeding techniques, to cross-breed with other color mutations allowing us to create some of the rarest Parrotlets Nationally as wells as Internationally.

Xtreem Parrotlets Pedigree Line

Our pedigree line that has taken us five to seven years to create has caught the attention of Asian and European breeders that now collaborate with us on our advanced breeding techniques and have purchased our birds. All serious breeders as well as the novice and hobby breeders should consider the Turquoise to acquire rare and magnificent mutations in their breeding stock. The turquoise green parrotlet is a required Parrotlet for any good breeding program as the outcome of breeding this bird creates endless possibilities unusual and rare mutations and striking birds.

Xtreem Parrotlets Make Exceptional Pets

For the pet lover they make awesome pets as they have striking and vivid colors and make quite the conversation piece due to their turquoise plumage. They make great companions as they are very entertaining, comical and can be taught to do tricks. These birds love to cuddle.



 Turquoise Parrotlet

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